Chiropractor in Mississauga Ontario – The Holiday Spice that Boosts Mood, Fights Depression

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9 Ways to Use Salt for Gorgeous Skin, Hair, Teeth, and Nails
“Our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as sea water, so it’s no wonder that sea salt is a natural ally to balance, protect, and restore the body and skin.

5 Detox Strategies To Greet 2015
“As we welcome 2015, forget the calories and invite in more pleasure, and less crazy-making weighing and counting. It’s time to put away the scales and calculators, and start listening to what our bodies are really asking for: real rest, real fun, and real food.

The Holiday Spice that Boosts Mood, Fights Depression
“Who doesn’t love the taste of ground nutmeg over a holiday hot chocolate or latte? It’s not only the classic eggnog spice, it’s perfect in spice cookies and other holiday fare. While delicious holiday treats may be enough reason to enjoy nutmeg, research shows that it may help boost moods and help us deal with depression and sadness, which are also unfortunately common this time of year.

Worst Foods Award: Ramen Noodle
“Ramen noodles dominate the diets of many young people, especially college students … a nutrition-free habit that undermines their physical and mental health.”