Sport Injuries Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries Rehab Isn’t Training

Sports Injuries Rehab is all about “The Effort” over time

Rehabilitation is about ‘seasons’ of effort at the restoration of areas of imbalance and weakness from misuse, overuse and abuse – over time.  We reap what we sow, more than we sow, later than we sow, therefore influencing in a profound way how our body functions under load and stress either is a beneficial way or not.  Rehab is all about confronting those ‘weak links’ and consequences of poor choices or unintended traumas in life, and reducing their negative impact.

Foundation Training – Radically Redefine your Core

Foundation training is now available as part of your in-office and home self care programming.  Foundation training shifts the focus from the front of your body to the back.  By strengthening the full posterior chain and correcting poor movement patterns, you will maximize power, flexibility, and endurance.  When used in conjunction with our spinal care and postural care programs, this system facilitates stabilization of the changes generated by regular care.

MUSE Neurofeedback Brain training

Rehabilitation must not only be from the outside in, but from the inside out.  And we start with the brain.  Based on your results from the Neuroinifiniti assessment in the clinic, and then following an initial group of neurofeedback sessions in the clinic, the MUSE technology supports you at home.  Your Enneagram personality/Kolbe assessments, Genome, and Food sensitivity profile become part of this Lifestyle Coaching possibility.