Injury Prevention

How to Make Yourself Bullet Proof

Participating in Sport is all about Supply and Demand – Listen to my explanation below on how to protect yourself from Injuries…

Bullet Proof

Performance is comprised of 3 parts:  Technique, Programming and Recovery.  Technique and Programming are managed by your coaching/training staff.  Recovery is made up from Rest, Fuel and Care.  These 3 pieces of recovery is what determines your performance in

How To Detect

This is the secret in the “secret sauce” of Sports Performance.  The “How to Detect” is what makes or breaks any clinical support of an athlete’s care.  Since the expansion of performance is usually desired under normal and pain-free circumstances, typical medical or othopaedic models of assessment will be negative.  Only functional and neurological performance based criteria work to expand performance.  MOSAIC has the necessary tools to evaluate and baseline your functional and neurological state from which expansion of performance can occur.  MOSAIC exists to “Empower Human Potential”, your potential.  We use over 7 different possible assessment systems to support our detection process.

Physical Care

Once an inefficiency has been identified, either an imbalance, an assymetry, a neurological weakness in a muscle or organ, a nutritional deficiency, a gait imbalance or a muscular or joint adhesion, then we get to work at reversing that pattern.  Patterns are habits, and resolution will only work and stabilize when you the patient engage and participate in your own program with your program mentor, Dr. Dave.  Stretching, good eating habits, targeted nutritional support, etc., only work if you do it.  With the ability to benchmark your starting point of power and balance with our detection systems, milestones in the effectiveness of care collaboration will support your increased capacity to perform.

Sports Nutrition

This portion of your program is all about how you integrate hydration, macro and micro nutrients into your body to be used to build for increased performance.  This portion of sports performance is the most mysterious of all because digestion, assimilation and then the expression in expanded performance occurs in the ‘black box’ of balance chemistry and physiology that is unknown and blind to our conscious senses.  Our monitoring systems support a personalization of your Sports Nutrition program for recovery and growth.