Diagnostic Testing Systems available

Solutions supported by Functional Testing options

Health Expansion requires Health Assessments.  Chronic stress damages everyone’s health potential.  The results from these tests may just help save lives ahead of time!


We live our lives through our nervous system.  Every movement, sensation, emotion, and organ function is under the guidance of our nerves.  The COREscore is made up of 4 important spinal-neural tests that begin your experience of lab benchmarking at MOSAIC.  This assessment begins the developement of your personalized care plan.

YOUnique Genomic Testing

The genetic legacy you inherit harbors a treasure trove of variations that helps to define your uniqueness…to define you.

The SNAP Shot is a 14-gene overview of your patient’s unique genomic makeup.  Designed to parallel a patient’s intake form, the SNAP equips me with introductory functional insights into 5 key areas of wellness:

– Mood and Personality traits 
– Cardiovascular health
– Metabolic Profile
– Body Composition
– Detoxification Pathways

HemoCode Food Sensitivity Testing

Nearly 10,000,000 Canadians may suffer from symptoms of food intolerance.  The HemoCode Food Tolerance Systems Delivers a perosnalized dietary plan for Wellness, lead by our Naturopath.  The Hemocode System looks at 250 foods and additives.


As current medical research is now claiming that 90% of all Illnesses are the result of a lack of the body’s ability to reestablish normal balance, it only makes sense that we learn what must be done to bring the body back into correct neurological responses.  The NeuroInfinity IS the system that assesses and monitors how well your nervous system is able to adapt to stressors and recovery correctly.   It is much easier to keep the system in balance than to attempt to correct it once it has already been damaged.

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Creating Wellness Assessment

The Creating Wellness Assessment measures and records such factors as nervous system function, body composition, stress response – and over 50 other factors that are crucial indicators of your over-all wellness. This evaluation allows us to focus on the specific needs that must be met in order for you to increase your wellness in all 3 dimensions.

At the end of the assessment, you are provided your unique personalized Wellness Quotient (WQ). One number that communicates your overall level of wellness.

Computerized Posture and balance assessments

Your Posture is a window into the health and wellness of your spine.  Any shift in balance increases your degenerative possibility.  These simple, yet powerfully meaningful assessments provide simple and foundamental baselines for improving health and performance.

BioImpedence Assessment/Cell Health Assessment

BioImepedence has extensively been used to determine and track cell health.  The 5 Compartment model of the BioMarkers 2000 allows us to assess and trend over 7 different markers of cellular health and wellness.