Health Services For You

Our Optimal Health Services…

We live our life through out nervous system, so keep it powerful…for a lifetime!

Gentle Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care is really about managing the health and power of the nervous system’s ability to have control over how we adapt to our environment and lifestyle.  We do this primarily through the detection and removal of spinal interference called ‘subluxations’.   These actions are now computerized and gentle.

Wellness Programs

“Wellness” has been poorly defined until now.  Our starting point is your “Wellness Quotient”.  From here we personalize your path with various performance/function based assessments.  The end result is a phenomenal understanding of what actions and efforts are needed to achieve a new level of living!

Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching occurs at the intersection between intention or dream and action.  All athletes use coaches to achieve their goals.  Mosaic Lifestyle Coaching utilizes the powerful personality and behaviour tools to support real long lasting lifestyle transformation.

Sports Performance

Everything is a sport.  Life, work, athletics, leisure – they are all sports that require our body’s ability to adapt and perform.  We are passionate about empowering your human potential for a lifetime and winning at the “Game of Life”, not matter where or how you ‘play’ the game.  Expanding your health decade by decade is the best insurance to a happy and productive life, and applying the principles of human performance to all areas of life is what it will take to win ..We define winning as not getting sick or a chronic health condition.